What Makes a Backpack the Perfect Bag for Moms

There is nothing more frustrating than carrying your infant in your arms while trying to dig through your bag to find their pacifier. In fact, gone are the days when women used to monitor their kids and belongings at the same time. If a woman has to carry the baby essentials, it does not necessarily mean she has to forfeit fashion. With this in mind, should moms go for tote or backpack? Let’s try to elaborate this discussion further.

What makes the perfect bag for young mothers?

A good bag should keep everything you need for yourself and the baby easily accessible and in one place. It should have the following features:

Padded and adjustable straps

These days, everything is all about multitasking. Thankfully, backpacks come with double straps which make it easy to carry on your shoulders. They have the ability to keep your bag more compact. On the other hand, a tote bag is designed with two straps but cannot be carried on your back. This means you won’t be able to use your hands when you have a kid. Totes are not considered mom-friendly.


Backpacks come with different zip pockets to keep everything organized. These pockets are located on the inside and outside. Most importantly, they feature a big compartment for keeping bulky items like clothes. Today, there are many fashionable backpacks for the trendy mom which can accommodate everything your kid needs without sacrificing on efficiency. Ideally, the best backpack for moms should be roomy with lots of pockets and fasteners for extra security. Although a tote bag may come with different pockets, it’s not roomy enough for your daily essentials.

Change mat compartment

If you are torn between choosing a tote or backpack, you should consider the versatility of each. When traveling for a long distance, your baby will need at least one diaper change. Unlike tote bags, most backpacks can easily carry a changing mat. This allows a mother to change the baby’s diaper anywhere.

Comes with a section for mothers

Every mom needs a bag that allows her to store diapers, formula, and food without being too bulky. When you have a backpack, you don’t have to carry a separate handbag for your essentials. The mothers’ section enables you to conveniently store your keys, wallet, phone and other essential items. It not only keeps the items safe, but also easily accessible. This is one way of overcoming any obstacle that can hinder a mother to multitask. When using a tote bag, the baby’s food can easily slip into your purse since it comes with limited style and functionality.

Final thoughts

Now you know whether you should choose a tote or backpack. If you are a stylish mom, you’re probably tired of your tote bag that only takes fashion into the account. It’s clear that every mom wants to be comfortable without sacrificing looks. Thankfully, there are different brands of backpacks, like Just Porter, that offer convenience, quality, and style. Other than that, most backpacks come with plenty of pockets to hold everything a mother needs to carry. Above all, you don’t have to carry a separate purse your personal effects. If you have a baby or you look forward to having a baby soon, I would recommend that you invest in a backpack.