5 Items Every Mom Should Never Leave Home Without

A mom is always a superhero of sorts to her kids and is always there to help out in case of small accidents and emergencies. This cannot be the case without help from her purse which acts as her toolkit. But knowing exactly what you need in your purse most as a mom is not always an easy task. Getting to carry only the essential items will go a long way in ensuring that your purse doesn’t get unnecessarily heavy and strenuous. The following article gives a list of five essential items every mom needs to carry along from the house.

Phone and Charger

Every mom should not get out of the house without a phone and its recommended charger. The phone help keep mommies in the know in case of anything of interest pertaining the well-being of the kids; this is in case she left them home with a babysitter or they are at school. There is nothing that is more inconveniencing as a phone with a dead battery when you are away from your children. To cut down on the anxiety it is essential to carry with you a charger, spare battery or a power bank. A dedicated pocket should be used for the phone as opposed to placing it in the purse, where it can be difficult to find.



Every mommy ought to carry with them some homemade snacks that can be enjoyed by the entire family and which help with low blood sugar content. Home-made snacks are especially beneficial because you are guaranteed of their safety to your family as compared to packaged ones. This prevents the need to make fast food stops or to make impromptu stops to purchase expensive snacks. Snacks also go a long way in preventing child mommy tantrums that can crop up when the child is hungry.

Small First Aid Kit and Medication

Small emergencies and accidents are common and can happen at any time during an outing with the kids. It is therefore essential for mommies to carry with them basic first aid items such as bandages, alcohol swabs and antiseptic as well as some medication such as allergy medication and bug bite ointment. These will go a long way in maintaining the well-being of your family at all times when you are with them.

Entertainment Items

When out with your kids you could be presented with a situation whereby you have to wait idly for someone or something. It is therefore important to carry along entertainment items for your family as well as for yourself. Random toys for the smaller kids, emergency crayons for the bigger kids and a book for you is always a perfect choice. This will keep you and the kids busy and prevent wandering off or unbecoming behavior by the kids.

Notebook or Journal

A notebook or journal should be an item that every mom should never behind in the house when they are going out. It is essential when it comes to writing down ideas, copying information, writing down reminders, to do lists and weird thing the kids say once in a while. This should also be accompanied by a pocketful of pens since one is surely not enough. They disappear all the time and with kids around, they are usually in high demand.